The 5th Avenue Theatre

The 5th Avenue Theatre is one of America's leading musical theater companies. We enrich the community we love with the art form we love—giving the Pacific Northwest a front-row seat to original powerhouse productions that go on to light up marquees and audiences all the way to Broadway. From the page to the stage, we bring passion and epic scale to every musical we create. With big talent. Bigger-than-life productions. And did we mention dazzle? As a nonprofit theatre company and our region's largest performing arts employer, we spread the joy of great musicals with people of all ages across our region and state.

Each year, we reach more than 75,000 young people through our nationally acclaimed education programs. Programs designed to develop new musicals ensure that the next generation of great musicals will be there to tell the stories that captivate tomorrow's audiences. On the national stage, we are a leading voice for the power of this American art form to lift the human spirit.

Our Mission

To nurture, advance and preserve all aspects of America’s great original art form: the musical.


Adventure Musical Theater

Since 1994, The 5th’s Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company has brought the wonder and joy of live musical theater to elementary and middle school students throughout the Northwest. Adventure Musical Theater musicals engage youth through storytelling, song and dance. Our productions are created by local composers and writers and tell the stories of our region’s unique history and culture. Adventure Musical Theater productions are designed to incorporate standards-based educational content.

The 5th Avenue Theatre supports teachers of all disciplines in their efforts to incorporate musical theater into core curriculum and to introduce young minds to all art forms.

Northwest Bookshelf , 2007. Photo by Chris Bennion

Northwest Bookshelf, 2007. Photo by Chris Bennion