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What to Expect

Teachers, please share this information with your students so they will know what to expect when watching Northwest Bookshelf.

Watching a play or a musical is different than watching a movie or TV show because the actors are right there, live and in person. They can see you and hear you. And you, the audience, have a very important role to play. Can you imagine actors in costumes and stage makeup, speaking their lines and acting out the play or musicians playing their instruments in a room without an audience? Without you there would be no show.

So you have a very important job. Your job is to listen with your whole body. That means your ears are open, your eyes are watching and your voice is silent. You may show your appreciation by reacting to the show appropriately: laugh when something is funny, cry if something is sad, and always clap to show the actors that you appreciate their work. Of course, we know that sometimes movement or noise is necessary, and when it occurs, the actors know how to go on with the show.

Here are some things to remember.

·         Please completely turn off all phones and electronic devices that may make noise during the show.

·         Please refrain from taking photographs or video recordings of the show.

·         It is okay to make noise and/or move in your seat but please do not disturb your fellow audience members or disrupt the performance.

If you feel that you need to leave during the performance, please exit as quietly as possible.